During summer, fishing days are mostly reduced to hour or so in the morning and an hour before the evening. With Lavender our most favorite summer fly , you could fish successfully even in the hottest, middle part of the day . It’s about extremely effective fly; we know this from our personal experience on the water and from feedback of our friends and clients.

Underwater photography of  female spinner of extremely widespread genus Baetis .
Photo was taken in the moment when female was lying eggs on the stone, after this the fly is carried away by the water stream and it easily becomes fish food. This is one of the few potential situations that our fly can very effectively imitate.
     Baetis vernus, mayfly which lies eggs on underwater stones.They live in clean rivers and streams, they hatch from May till end of August, body length is between 6 and 8 mm (hook size 14-16), it has two tails, spinner color vary from yellowish to reddish brown. Wings are transparent. Fisherman’s name is ” Medium Olive” describing color of the dun-which is pale to medium olive with grayish wings.

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